We are currently on hiatus and not accepting new applications through June 2023. If you would like to let us know of dates you had in mind for a future residency, or just wish to drop us a line, please contact us at:



We welcome your application as soon as you're ready, with no application fee. We do ask for a $2 USD processing fee. If this creates a hardship please contact us by email for an alternative method.

We are currently accepting applications for some spaces still available through December 19, 2021. Applications are also accepted now, for residencies that will run from January 3 - December 18, 2022. 

Beginning in 2022 we will accept applications for 2023, up to one year in advance. 

In keeping with the ODYSSEYS Costa Rica commitment to minimizing our ecological footprint, we ask for all materials electronically as part of this application process. If you have materials you wish to send apart, through regular email, please email us first at OdysseysCostaRica@gmail.com

It is important for each applicant to carefully review our accommodations regarding what we provide in terms of both living and workspace. 

Typically, writers are provided a standard desk or table with a desk lamp, and a standard office chair (adjustable when possible). 

Many of our visual artists are photographers, videographers, multi-media artists, Plein-air painters, and muralists/street artists who work out and about. Our partnering host families typically have indoor and covered outdoor garden areas with natural light and space for work tables. 

Visual artists who require a more spacious indoor studio space may wish to consider our partnering Holistic Wellness Center accommodations. 

Composers are typically scheduled for piano/studio time in our local music institute. Many have brought their own equipment with them.